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Trip to the volcano Mount Vesuvius, in Naples, Italy Mount Vesuvius has a brooding presence in Naples – wherever you go, you can’t miss its iconic flat top, which glows rust red at sunset and dominates the coastline. There are plenty of organized tours up to the dormant crater of …

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Best Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone.

Holidays are a great way to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones, but in many cases, group travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, the internet is brimming with articles detailing the many small but significant issues that arise when travelling with others, to …

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Orkney awakens around Apr when winds fade away, sheep show up and they head into probably the sunniest month, May. This is additionally the long stretch of the famous Folk Festival. Most noteworthy temps are in Jul, averaging 13°C; yet they have been known to hit the 20’s. Winged animal …

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Amazing Things to See and Do in Copenhagen.

Planning a solo trip to Copenhagen? In my Solo Girl’s Guides series, I have brought together some of my favourite female travel bloggers to talk about their top solo female travel destinations. In this weeks guide guest poster, Kitiara Pascoe shares with you fun things to do in Copenhagen plus …

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We List Out Best Travel Tips For Queenstown.

What To Do In New Zealand Loaded up with climbing, bungy hopping, and skydiving, Queenstown is really a thrilling spot to visit. Regardless of whether you aren’t an adrenaline searcher, the natural air, neighborhood individuals and charming pleasant town make Queenstown an ideal goal for an independent female voyager. Climb …

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