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8 Proven Ways to a Better Basement

The primary reason homeowner’s finish their basement is to create extra usable space in their home. If you go through all the trouble remodelling and cleaning up your lower-level, then it only makes sense you’d want to make it more lovable and functional. Building a better basement means something different …

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DIY Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

When you love to DIY, you see everything differently. Recyclable goods can suddenly become a household treasure with just a bit of paint and glue. You’re always on the hunt for the next crafty solution, with a glue gun in hand. If you can relate, the dollar store should be …

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Bold Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Tile is one of the most popular and sought after materials in the home improvement industry. Homeowners desire it and designers are continuously coming up with creative new ways to display it. There’s something for everyone given the variety of styles, materials and colours on the market. Tile is perfect …

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