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Amazing Things to See and Do in Copenhagen.

Planning a solo trip to Copenhagen? In my Solo Girl’s Guides series, I have brought together some of my favourite female travel bloggers to talk about their top solo female travel destinations. In this weeks guide guest poster, Kitiara Pascoe shares with you fun things to do in Copenhagen plus her best solo travel tips and advice to make sure you have the best solo trip possible.

Travel Guide to Copenhagen

Firstly, I thought turning 30 needed to be marked by doing something new and secondly, Copenhagen just looked so easy. Just a 2-hour flight from the UK, Copenhagen sits on the outermost brink of the country it presides over. It’s stationed in Denmark’s sprawling archipelago, blissfully flat and somehow blends history with sleek modernity more seamlessly than any city I’ve ever visited.

Why You Should Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a wonderfully easy place to travel to. Why? For a start, the Danish are inherently friendly and relaxed. For a nation with a serious preference for cycling, perhaps it’s not surprising. Copenhagen is also small enough to be walkable, pretty enough to enjoyably get lost and safe enough to walk around at night without looking over your shoulder. In short, the city is a welcoming and happy one. And that’s just the beginning.

Copenhagen also has fantastic food all the way from street food up to world-class restaurants as well a penchant for excellent coffee. And if there’s anything a solo traveler needs, it’s a place to sit down, drink a great flat white and watch the world go by.

Fun Things To Do In Copenhagen

Get Lost! Copenhagen’s winding city center is the perfect place to just wander and get lost. It’s small enough to never get too lost and beautiful enough to discover sights you might not have done if you’d followed a regimented plan.

With Scandinavian style oozing out of every shop window, stylish Danes peddling along old streets and vines creeping up brickwork, the simple act of wandering around will allow you to get to know the city well.

Take Photos

Nyhavn Probably Copenhagen’s most photographed spot, Nyhavn is an old fishing port and is right on the edge of the center and very close to the Metro station Kongens Nytorv where you’ll most likely alight from the airport. Nyhavn is endlessly picturesque, with both sides lined with colorful terraced buildings and wooden boats tied to the sides.

Take A Boat Tour

From Nyhavn, you can take a boat tour of the city’s canals as well as cross the foot and cycle bridge over to Paper Island and Christiana.

Visit The Rundetaarn

Right in the center, Copenhagen’s Rundetaarn is a wonderful place to visit for a solo traveler because its intriguing beauty is something to appreciate in thoughtful solitude. Simply, it’s a helical ramp that winds steadily up to the top. Painted white inside, this 17th-century tower is a stunning ascent and capped off with a viewing platform at the top with a 365-degree view of the city. You can read more about exploring the Rundetaarn in my recent post!